“Movies Under the Stars”

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Great Values and Great Fun

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Shining Star Package

12’x 7’ screen for $289

This screen is great for indoor events or in backyards.

Super Star Package

16’x 9’ screen for $389

This larger screen is great for outdoor events with a large audience.

Popcorn Machine

Add a nostalgic black and sliver tabletop popcorn popper!

25 guests = $40
50 guests= $60
75 guests= $80
*prices include popper, popcorn, and bags    * sales tax extra

Snack Tray Set

Purchase a 3 piece snack tray for your movie!

Each Movie Themed Snack Tray has a 12 oz. drink cup, candy bar holder slot, and food area that accomodates either popcorn or other food .

$2.00 each set-unfilled          * sales tax extra

Star Packages

Package price includes screen, set-up, audio system, projector, tables, staff and take-down for standard length movie. Call for pricing of movies exceeding 2.5 hrs or Double Features

*Prices do not include state and local tax

Starlight Cinema will provide you with the screen, audio/visual equipment, any additional snack bar items you may choose,  and our trained staff. We look forward to being a part of your next event!

Click for more information on our Weather Policy and Terms and Conditions

                   *Have your own projector and audio equipment?

     Call for pricing of screen only. We will set up and come back for take down.

Snack bar